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College Caravan New England

Color Guard on Parade at West Point

One of the most difficult decisions any high school student must make is the choice of a college. Gathering catalogs and watching videos cannot take the place of a campus visit, which allows the students to see first-hand what they like - or don't like - about a college and the surrounding area.

Princeton University Nassau Hall







A campus visit gives them a glimpse of classrooms and dormitories, allowing them to ask questions of admissions officers, financial planners, housing representatives, faculty members, and students.

Touring several campuses at one time, with other students and parents, can help students gain valuable insights and make better comparisons. Help your student to face the future with greater confidence: schedule a College Caravan with Flamingo Educational Tours!

Yale University Old Campus


During the tour, students will participate in one college event, i.e. a football or basketball game, depending on the school schedule and tour dates.

Boston University College of Arts and Sciences