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Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay School Trip

From Wildlife to Wild Rides you'll find yourself on the edge of Africa at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay.

Experience up-close encounters with amazing animals, take an unforgettable safari across the Serengeti Plains, test your courage on pulse-pounding roller coasters, take in a stage show, and colorful live entertainment all year long.

Jump into the jungle at Jungala.  Get face-to-face with orangutans.  Test your strength in a wild game of tug-of-war with a tiger: any guess who will win?

Explore the layers of the jungle in a three-story play area of mazes, ropes and crawl tubes.  And kids can soar above the treetops on a zip line.  It's the only jungle in the world that plays with you!

If you're looking for thrills, challenge our incredible, floorless dive coaster, SheiKra: 200 feet up, 90 degrees straight down.  Take on the mighty Gwazi: a colossal wooden coaster with a record-breaking six fly-bys and crossing speeds of 100 miles an hour.  Or take on Kumba, a roaring steel coaster that will leave you breathless.

Introducing Cheetah Hunt

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Recently Busch Gardens Tampa Bay introduced Cheetah Hunt, a new breed of speed that invites guest to celebrate the spirit of the cheetah.  This new generation of thrills emerges from the crossroads where up-close animal encounters and awe-inspiring rides come together.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Education Programs

  • Adventure Camps
  • Sleeopvers
  • School Programs
  • Physics Day
  • Scout Programs
  • Guided Tours
  • Animal Interaction Programs

Give your students an unforgettable experience with a custom tour of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with Flamingo Educational Tours.  Our custom tours are tailored to your educational and fun goals!  We offer a wide variety of programs through Busch Gardens so call us today.

  • Physics Day at Busch Gardens

    Engage your students with the experience of physics in action!  Our "science of thrills" expert, Dr. David Wright, Professor of Physics at Tidewater Community College in Virginia, will motivate your students by bringing physics to life in the exciting surroundings of our world-class theme park.  Physics students will also get one hour of exclusive park ride time plus a live "Physics in Motion" interactive show

  • Interactive Stations

    Enhance your group's day at Busch Gardens with two unique 90-minute, standards-based educational opportunities.

    School on the Serengeti and Bio Basics: Encounter African animals up close and learn about endangered, threatened and at-risk species

    School on the Serengeti and Wild Rides: Learn about the physics of the park's amazing rides and get up-close to amazing African animals.

  • Sleepover at Busch Gardens

    Imagine your students sleeping overlooking tigers or waking up to hippos.  All sleepovers include animal encounter, hands-on educational activities, a pizza dinner, continental breakfast and overnight accommodations at Busch Gardens.

    Grades: 2-12

  • Soundwaves - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Performance Program

    Feel the excitement as your students give the most memorable musical performances of their careers. Busch Gardens will select the perfect venue to showcase your group's talent. Your group will have the opportunity to entertain thousands of guests during an experience they won't soon forget.

  • Aventure Island

    30 acres provide water-soaked excitement for guests of all ages.  Escape to the soothing Key West atmosphere where slides, waterfalls and waves create a tranquil atmosphere and hours of sun-drenched fun.

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