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New York City

Empire State Building

New York City is one of the most popular destinations for students all over the world! Museums, concerts, history, theater, sports - New York has it all! Let your students experience it to the fullest. All races and national origins are represented in this bustling city, rich with history, and home to over 150 world class museums!

Your travels will take you from Times Square and the Broadway theaters to the United Nations, center of international diplomacy, and on to Wall Street, the heart of the US financial market.

The United Nations

From the skyscrapers to the colonial churches, from Chinatown to Rockefeller Center, the sights, sounds and enticing aromas of New York will welcome you and your students.

With its endless possibilities for dining experiences, its dazzling musical shows, and its plasma billboards the "City That Never Sleeps" will both entertain and enlighten you and your students!


This aerial view of downtown shows the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center

New York City Freedom Tower
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Statue of Liberty