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Washington D.C.

The gleaming marble buildings of our nation's government were designed by Pierre-Charles l'Enfant in 1791, as a capital city to rival those of Europe - and he succeeded.  From the marble steps of the Capitol Building to the Supreme Court to the White House, the city plan shows elegance and symmetry.  The monuments to Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt are aligned with one another.  The great war memorials - the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the new World War II Memorial pay tribute to our armed forces.

A trip to Arlington Cemetery, with its Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is a moving experience.  And what visit to Washington would be complete without a visit to Ford's Theater and the Peterson House?  Our national treasures are on display at the Smithsonian Museums of Air and Space, American History, and Natural History.

Visits to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, where U.S. currency is printed, and to the Holocaust Museum round out the experience.  The Declaration of Independence, the original Star Spangled Banner, the Hope Diamond - our nation's capital is full of treasures waiting to be explored!


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Smithsonian Museum of Air & Space
Washington Monumen West Facade of the US Supreme Court